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All Encompassing Love

The total and complete acceptance and implementation of all the physical and metaphysical laws of the universe, known or unknown.


What Is Applied Physiology?

    The system of Applied Physiology, Developed by teacher and researcher Richard D. Utt, is a tool, a key, that enables us to unlock the doors to our inner selves: our nurturing, trusting, accepting, compassionate, healthy, loving selves. It incorporates healing systems that have been developed and used by many people in the past, and weaves them together into an easily understood and applied system. 

    Applied Physiology (AP) allows the practitioner to ascertain imbalances through what are called alarm points in each of the fourteen meridians and to know, through a system based on kinesiology, exactly those techniques necessary to correct the imbalance. Although the conscious mind of an individual may not recognize its own imbalances and therefore not know how to heal them, the body does, and through simple technique the practitioner of AP can learn what they are. 

     A large variety of techniques exist to balance a meridian, a few example of which are acupressure, massage, reflexology of the hands and feet, homeopathic remedies, therapeutic sound and color, directly assisting movements of chi, and emotional catharsis. However only those therapies that the meridian and the individual needs are used. 





The techniques and procedures described on this website are presented solely for informational purposes. The authors and Applied Physiology Publishing are not dispensing medical advice, diagnosis or prescription directly or indirectly. We make no recommendations or representation concerning the physiological effects of any reported ideas.

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